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Our mission is to equip Christians in becoming warriors for Christ, and to share the gospel of Jesus Christ for those who need hope.

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Men, can you confidently protect yourself if you are in a parking lot at night and someone is intending to threaten your life? What would you do if your wife, children, or someone else you care about is in harm’s way?

When learning to defend yourself or family, it takes much more than just physical prowess. It also requires mental toughness that applies to the mind and spirit. To condition our spiritual strength, by reading God’s Word and applying His truths to our lives.

Fighters4Christ is a christian martial arts ministry for men ten and older within the Twin Cities.  We run classes once a week teaching fundamental technique from styles such as, Tae Kwon Do, American Kickboxing, Boxing, Thai Boxing, and other forms of self defense.  As of 2015, we have officially included Krav Maga as one of our martial arts.  In addition to learning proven fundamentals, you will also experience probably some of the most intense conditioning you have ever had to endure.

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Our Mission

The original vision for Fighters4Christ is to bring like-minded Christian men with a passion or desire for the martial arts together. However, as we see the world around us falling apart and tearing at the seams, people are driven by fear, lies, and despair. There is a better way. Fighters4Christ's mission now, is to show you that way.


“Over the span of two years, it has truly been a blessing to be a part of the mixed martial arts/kickboxing class led by Phil Knowles. Not only do I get a thrill from working out physically by hitting some pads and learning MMA technique, but I also get a thrill from working out spiritually from the time that we spend in prayer and devotion. I’ve enjoyed connecting with the guys and building special relationships with them that give us the opportunity to share our lives with each other.”

-Seth Zehr

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