Training Tips

Anaerobic Exercise for the Martial Artist

Definition of Anaerobic Exercise Anaerobic exercise is a great way to create intense workouts. The definition given by Webster’s online dictionary, anaerobic exercise basically zaps all of the oxygen out of your system while you train. Weightlifters experience anaerobic exercise as well as martial artists and fighters. I needed to push myself harder than I […]

Shadow Boxing and Heavy Bag Workout

Image:Rocky Balboa Image Files Boxing Image Files Floyd Mayweather Jr from Shadowboxing and heavy bag drills are some of the best tools to develop your fighting skill if you are training alone.  You are able to work on sparring strategy, movement, and on combinations.  It does not hurt to increase your stamina and build […]

3 Reasons Why Core Exercises are Important to Martial Arts

Martial arts training encompasses a full body workout.  The average stereotype usually consists of punches and kicks.  This stigma brings the belief that power and speed come from our arms and legs.  However, this is only partly true.  In order to gain the kind of power and speed seen in Mixed Martial Arts, the UFC, […]

Fighters4Christ’s 1000 Pyramid Workout

Before September 2003, I was not the most conditioned fighter in the world.  My cardiovascular fitness had a thirty-thirty second time span before I was gassed.  However, after spending one month focusing on 1000 repetition drills in my training, my conditioning has never been the same. Basically, all I did was perform 1000 repetitions in […]

Explosive Kicking Drills

View image | Every martial artist needs to have explosive kicking ability intertwined in their training.  Explosive kicks combine all four of the T.A.P.S. theory.  They are powerful kicks executed extremely fast with precision and technique.  If you cannot combine all four of these principles, you run the risk of losing a fight.  To […]

Endurance Building Drill with Fast Punches

Endurance is very important for all type of sports, including combat related activities.  Endurance is defined from the Wikipedia website as the ability to exert oneself and remain active for a long period of time as well as the ability to resist, withstand, recover from, and is used in aerobic and anaerobic exercise.  Endurance is […]

High Intensity Interval Training Martial Arts

After having my first child, a new job, and other activities that keep me busy, it is sometimes difficult to find a full hour to exercise. Sometimes, it is difficult to find any time at all. However, it is important to keep training if I want to stay in shape and healthy. This challenge has […]

FightTips with Shane Fazen

Everyone has days they feel unmotivated to train, or would like to try something different than their normal regiment.  When I have days of burnout or when I need fresh ideas, there are a few places I go to for motivation.  One of those places is a YouTube Channel by FightTips with Shane Fazen. I […]

Overwhelming Odds

How would you handle yourself if you are taken by surprise and overwhelmed by one, two, or three opponents?  What would you do if you were being punched and kicked continuously? Most people, especially without any training, would most likely freeze and become victims to violent crime. Others would panic and get scared, resulting in […]

Basics Drill

Basics are important to work on when fine-tuning or maintaining our current condition.  It is not enough to just do basics; sometimes that can get boring.  So, to make working on basics a bit more fun, incorporate some type of fitness that will improve conditioning, stamina, or other forms of endurance training. You can perform […]

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